Advanced Circuitry International new 50,000 sq. ft. facility is online.  Here are just some of the facility and equipment highlights that sets us apart from other RF/Microwave and antenna PCB manufactures.

Our Facility:

  • Clean rooms for resist coating, printing and soldermask processing
  • Designed for optimum product flow
  • Production and warehouse areas environmentally controlled
  • Large conference and employee training rooms
  • Room for future expansion

Equipment Highlights:

  • DES line for precise image control
  • State-of-the-art camera aligned printing systems
  • LPI spray coating equipment and quick tack cure oven system
  • All new conveyorized chemical clean lines
  • Auto titrated immersion tin plating system
  • Auto load and unload on conveyorized equipment
  • Vision & x-ray drilling equipment
  • Vision routing equipment
  • Via fill and planerization for conductive and non-conductive fill
  • Large format circuit screener
  • PIM coupon testing

Our Technology:

  • Chip sized RF/Microwave PCB’s to large Antenna structures
  • High volume Antenna PCB capability
  • Composite multilayer boards utilizing exotic materials
  • Experts in Teflon™ processing
  • Large format PTH capability (24” X 102”)
  • OhmegaPly and Ticer resistor technology
  • 5 X Sequential lamination Technology
  • Blind/Buried Vias, Precision back-drilling
  • Internal cavities and pocketing access openings
  • Via fill and surface planerization