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RF/Microwave, Antenna, Large Format, Multilayers, Rapid Prototyping and Assembly Services. Our customers around the world trust Advanced Circuitry International to manufacture their critical RF/Microwave and Antenna PCB’s. From DFM assistance to rapid prototype development, to high volume manufacturing we supply many notable OEM’s and EMS service companies around the world.


Advanced Circuitry International is a leader in providing complex RF/Microwave PCB’s covering a wide spectrum of product types including Defense/Aerospace, Medical Device, Imaging, and Telecommunications Equipment. Advanced Circuitry International supports a wide range of frequency bands and has a vast amount of experience utilizing low loss laminates. From multilevel cavity fabrication for vertical and horizontal RF connector launch sites to exotic material composite structures we’re confident delivering reliable and cost efficient products.

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At Advanced Circuitry International we’ve been manufacturing a wide array of Antenna PCB’s since 2011. With millions of our products in operations around the world, our customers rely on us to deliver Antenna PCB’s of the highest quality and PIM performance. From base station to the most complex phased array antennas Advanced Circuitry International has the expertise to meet your requirements, and with one of the largest stocks of RF materials we can deliver your prototypes in as little as one day.

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Advanced Circuitry International has made substantial investments in the production of Large Format PCB’s. This unique capability allows us to build plated-thru structures up to 24″ wide by 102″ in length utilizing almost any material type. We produce a variety of large format products every week from Teflon base station antennas to FR-4 lighting structures for commercial airliners. If you require a large PCB let our expert engineering staff assist you. From prototype development to large scale production Advanced Circuitry International has the experience and technology to support the most demanding projects.

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The key to delivering QTA product is that every part of the organization from order entry to shipping must work as a coordinated team. From our front-end engineering staff and systems to our rapid response manufacturing team we deliver prototypes every day on-time and on-budget. We provide quick turns for all technologies we manufacture. We know that you can count on us to deliver high-quality PCB’s on time, every time. Advanced Circuitry International carries a large stock of RF materials and our team has the resources, expertise, and capacity to meet your lead time expectations.

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Advanced Circuitry International manufactures a wide variety of Multilayer PCB’s for various applications spanning numerous industries and technologies. We can build your high layer count PCB’s using a wide variety of high speed low loss materials from epoxies to PTFE. We impedance model and verify your design during our DFM process. Our In-Process inspection points ensure that our manufacturing processes are within control limits and our final inspection includes micro-section and electrical testing validation ensuring that your design meets your expectations. Let us assist you on your next design requirement!

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Our assembly division has earned a reputation of helping our customers efficiently focus the use of their resources by reducing their supply base, their inventory and compressing cycle time’s in-turn increasing their top and bottom line growth. At Advanced Circuitry International our core business is RF and we understand that providing consistent high quality assemblies ensures that your RF/Microwave & Antenna products performance meets or exceed your customer’s requirements.

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At Advanced Circuitry International we’re focused on our core competency, manufacturing RF PCB’s. Our engineering team has over 50 years of experience manufacturing a wide array of product types utilizing a myriad of exotic RF materials. We review your design data (DXF files, Gerber files, fabrication drawings and acceptance specifications) resulting in recommendations that will save you money while mitigating the risk of program failure.

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As an international company we ship thousands of our products around the world every year. By land, sea or air let our experienced staff assist you with your transportation needs.

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